Resume Cover Letter Workshop

If you could answer these 7 simple questions correctly, you’ve mastered the basic skills to write a highly effective resume cover letter.  Remember a cover letter that attracts interviews is your best job seeking tool.  Even your resume is relatively weak, a powerful well written cover letter will help blow away your competitions.

Q1:  Who should you address your letter to?
Q2:  What kind of a headline is best for job seeking letters?
Q3:  What would be the ideal writing style for any job seeking letter?
Q4:  What is the ideal length of a cover letter?
Q5:  What should be the focus of your cover letter content?
Q6:  Where and how to ask for an interview in your cover letter?
Q7:  What should be included at the PS (postscript) location?

Check the Quick Answers below.  Click to view detail explanations.
A1:  A real person, such as Mrs. Smith
A2:  An attention grabbing headline
A3:  Enthusiastic with passion and conversational
A4:  One page or 20 seconds
A5:  The employer’s need and why you are the right fit
A6:  At the beginning or closing with an assertive manner
A7:  To ask for an interview the second time; or to restate why you believe you’re the right fit for the job opening.